5 tips on preparing for summer

      5 tips on preparing for summer

      As the countdown begins and the sun starts to emerge from behind grey clouds, it’s time to pack up your jumpers, coats and scarves to make space for your summer wardrobe – and a good summer wardrobe means more opportunity to show off your legs.

      In this article, we will talk through some things to think about for getting your skin looking its best this summer. That way, all you have to think about is getting out and enjoying the sun, eating lots of delicious food and spending your afternoons by the beach, park or spending time exploring the city.


      In the weeks leading up to summer, be sure to drink two litres of water a day1 to help your body flush out any toxins and hydrate your skin. Soon enough, you should start to notice a real difference in your skin and how it looks and feels.2

      You could also exfoliate your skin with an exfoliation glove to remove any dead skin cells. 

      As soon as you come out of the shower, use a good moisturiser to lock in moisture. You’ll be glowing in no time!

      Hair Removal

      A few days before you want to show off your smooth skin is the perfect time to start thinking about your hair removal routine – you want to leave enough time so that your skin can settle and any redness calms down.

      Wax can be a great option as it removes hairs right at the root. This means that the hair regrowth will take longer to grow back than shaving which doesn’t remove the hair from the root.3 Veet have a wide range of waxes for different areas of your body including the sensitive ones, and lots of guides and videos on how to use them.

      If you have sensitive skin or feel that wax isn’t right for you, Veet also have a range of depilatory creams as another great option as it is a completely painless hair removal technique. Apply the cream to the area of unwanted hair, wait for the required length of time (please always read the leaflet in the pack) and then wash it off – it’s as easy as that!

      Whichever you choose, be sure to do a patch test 24 hours prior and follow the instructions on the pack to avoid any unexpected allergic reaction. By the end, you’ll have silky smooth skin you’ll be excited to show off!


      Fresh nails finish off an outfit so why not give yourself a quick, at-home manicure! You don’t need to go to extremes, just remove any old polish, give your nails a trim so that they are all the same length, gently push back your cuticles and pick out your favourite summer colour to paint them with! If you’re not too steady when it comes to applying the paint yourself, make sure any mess is fully dry and then jump in the shower, give your hands a gentle scrub and all the mistakes should wash away down the drain!


      Protecting your skin from the sun might be a bit of a pain when all you want to do is get out and enjoy it but it’s very important and must not be skipped. Generously apply broad spectrum sunscreen 20 minutes prior to going outside.4 Don’t forget to protect your face –while you’re out in the sunshine add a broad brimmed hat to your summer outfit.

      Final Pre-Pamper

      So, you’ve made it to the night before – maybe you’re going on holiday tomorrow, or maybe a day out with a big group of friends to your local beach. All that’s left to do now is pamper yourself with a nice long bath, wash your hair and do some serious relaxing!



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