How to create salon perfect smoothness at home with veet spawax

      How to Create a Spa Experience at Home with Veet Spawax

      It’s lovely to get pampered every now and then, but with time and money restrictions, it’s not always viable to pop down to the spa and spend the whole day relaxing there, away from our usual day-to-day responsibilities. Apart from that, professional spa treatments can be a little expensive, especially if you fancy getting a few – this can really bump up the price which can make the experience less relaxing!

      However, there is no need to miss out! If you fancy a good pamper but don’t really have the time and want to avoid spending too much money, you can easily turn your bathroom into your very own relaxing spa for the evening so you can de-stress and rejuvenate from the comfort of your own home.


      Most spas play soft, tranquil music in the background so why not do the same to get your evening started? The right sort of music can relax the mind and body so put on your favourite playlist or even go online and find some soft, relaxing sounds to play. Turn off your phone or leave it in another room so that nothing disturbs you.


      Scented candles, full of essential oils can really enhance the at home spa experience. Run yourself a hot bath, turn the lights down low and then light your favourite candle to help calm your mind whilst you soak away any stresses and tension in the bath. Lavender scented candles are perfect to relax the body or if you are looking for something a little bit more rejuvenating and invigorating, then eucalyptus is a great option as well.1 Be sure to place the candle in a safe area2.


      Whilst in the bath, it would be a great opportunity to give your body a scrub and exfoliate your skin using a salt scrub. This will get rid of dead skin cells that your body holds on to and leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. Maybe try a hair mask as well - a good slathering of coconut oil will leave it super soft and in great condition afterwards. Lock in softness by applying a moisturising cream all over your body whilst your skin is still damp when you get out of your bath.

      Hair Removal

      Whilst getting a wax at the salon is a nice treat, it is just as easy to do it yourself at home. Veet Spawax is an electrical warm wax kit which is perfect to be used in the comfort of your own home, giving you results that last for up to 28 days3. Also, when plugged in and heating up your wax, it has a soft pink glow and fragrance to add to the relaxed spa vibe. It’s a stripless technique meaning you just spread the wax on and then once it’s dried, you pull it off, no faffing around with strips. This can be used on your legs, underarms and even bikini line so you can leave your bathroom spa like a hair-free goddess.


      It’s easy to forget about your feet but giving them a little love is easy! Give them a soak for 10-15 minutes in some warm water to allow the skin to soften. (Now would be a great time to apply a face mask as well – then you can sit back and relax while you wait.)

      Use a foot scrub to rub it into your feet in circular motions around the sole, heels and each toe individually before washing off and applying a moisturising cream all over. Once your feet are dry, a little file of the nails and a lick of paint will finish them off perfectly.

      You should be feeling great and relaxed by now… why not blow out those candles and finish up in true spa fashion with a hot cup of peppermint tea on the sofa in a big fluffy dressing gown!




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