Lets Talk Armpit Hair

      Top Tips : Love your Pits! Let's Talk Armpit Hair

      Let’s face it, when it comes to talking about unwanted hair, legs are an area that is talked about quite freely, but sometimes it can be seen as taboo to talk about more private parts of our body, like armpits. With recent strides for gender-equality at the forefront of many fashion and social media campaigns, it’s no wonder that movements such as #freethenipple and #dyedpits have been trending across the globe.

      However, armpit hair is still a feature that many women would rather not embrace. Let’s take a look at the science behind why armpit hair grows, some changing attitudes towards it, and some great hair removal options for those who still prefer the smoother look.

      The Science Behind It

      Why do we have armpit hair in the first place? If you search for that answer on the internet you may find a number of factors that have played influence over time. Amongst other theories, studies show that over time, armpit hair helped reduce the friction between our arm and body, and also helped with temperature regulation1. As time went on however, and fashions developed, sporting a smooth underarm became a trend associated with femininity and athleticism.

      Sensitivity and Solutions

      The underarms can be a sensitive area, which is why we should take a bit more care when choosing how to remove hair from this area. Shaving is the most common form of hair-removal. However, if you intend to have hair-free armpits, all day, every day, then shaving mightn’t be the best option for you. Shaving only cuts across the hair, giving short-term results of up to two days2. Unfortunately, this repeated use of a razor could cause irritation3.

      Another short-term solution you could consider are depilatory creams. Veet Hair Removal Cream - Sensitive Skin is suitable for sensitive skin and perfect for your pits. However, it is still advised that you do a patch test in case of sensitivity. By dissolving the protein in the hair just below the surface of the skin you are able to wash away the residue and hair easily. Although results may be short-term, they last longer than shaving.

      Waxing is a form of epilation, which it removes hair from the root. Pulling out the hair entirely means that you can have smooth under arms for up to four weeks at a time. One great option for underarms is Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On, which comes with a special fixture designed to tackle the curvy contours of your underarms. Your hair can be as short as 2mm in length for it to stick to the wax and be removed properly, however you may have to grow it a bit first to achieve the best results.

      Love your pits!

      While attitudes are always changing when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, so too is the range of hair removal products we can choose from. Whether you grow it, dye it, or go for the smooth and silky look, the main thing you need to do is to love you and your body. No matter what you do, love your pits…

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