Skincare Tips for Waxing Sensitive Skin

      Top Tips : Skincare Tips for Waxing Sensitive Skin

      Weaving through the endless varieties of hair removal products on the market today can be confusing, especially if you’re just after a simple hair removal wax for sensitive skin. Don’t fret, a simple hair removal wax for sensitive skin does exist, and we’re going to help you find it.

      Skin sense

      Choosing the best hair removal wax for sensitive skin comes down to assessing the ingredients in the wax products you’re looking at. If you use any old wax concoction on sensitive skin it’s a ticket to irritated skin and a definite waxing faux pas. Sensitive skin needs a little extra care when it comes to waxing – a job that can be done by using the right ingredients. Look out for wax products that contain nourishing and restorative ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and shea butter.

      Along with choosing the best hair removal wax for sensitive skin, it’s essential to prepare the skin and have a few tricks up your sleeve if your skin becomes inflamed.

      • Ensure the area is 100 per cent clean and dry.
      • Avoid waxing areas that have blemishes, cuts and abrasions.
      • Wax in a clean, cool area – preferably the bathroom.
      • Soothe the skin immediately following a wax by applying ice or cold water.
      • Avoid using after-wax soothing products that may irritate sensitive skin further.
      • Wax strips

      Ready-to-use wax strips definitely fall into the category of hair removal wax that is suitable for sensitive skin. The less you can pull on the skin during a wax routine, the less inflamed the skin will become. Although wax strips will still pull at the skin when removing the hair follicles, they are far less aggressive than other forms of waxing. Ensure that your exposed pores are given a chance to breathe and restore themselves by keeping the waxing area thoroughly clean and dry before, during and after waxing.

      Roll-on wax

      Designed to cater to normal and sensitive skin, electrical roll-on wax is another popular product on our list of best hair removal wax for sensitive skin. All you need to do is heat the wax, roll the wax onto the skin, and pull it off with a wax strip.

      Roll-on wax is recommended for more sensitive areas of the body such as the underarms and bikini area.

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