Veet Pure

      Fresher Smell

      Say no to smelly hair removal cream! Our Veet Pure creams smell fresher* than all previous Veet formulations thanks to the removal of the ingredient causing the creams’ ammonia smell.

      *59% agree (n=100) Pure creams smell fresher than previous Veet formulas

      Hypoallergenic Wax Formula

      The hypoallergenic hair removal wax formula with PURE is dermatologically recommended by the Skin Health Alliance which involves a scientific review performed by a team of independent dermatologists (only applicable to wax strips). Formulated to minimise the number of ingredients required and the risk of allergic reactions.

      Veet Pure Creams

      Veet PURE creams contain no more ammonia smell* giving you beautifully smooth skin without the lingering malodour.

      The creams are suitable for legs and body and contain a refined formula with the least number of ingredients vs all previous Veet cream formulas.

      Our underarm and bikini hair removal dome application is also perfect for touch-free application!

      *thanks to the removal of the ingredient causing it.

      Veet pure cream
      legs and body
      sensitive skin

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      Veet pure bikini
      and underarm
      dome applicator

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      Veet PURE Wax Strips

      Veet PURE cold wax strips contain a hypoallergenic wax formula* and provides long lasting smoothness in just 4 easy steps.

      Available for legs & body and smaller specially sized strips for hair removal from the face.

      *formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions (only applicable to wax formula)

      Veet Pure
      Cold Wax Strips
      Legs and Body
      Sensitive Skin

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      Veet Pure
      Cold Wax Strips
      Sensitive Skin

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      Great results in 4 Easy steps

      Veet Pure Cold Wax Strips are designed to allow for precise application for specific body parts, including legs, body, and face. Our hypoallergenic wax strips are quick and easy to use*. You can achieve great results in just 4 easy steps (refer to the image on the right):

      *If concerned about hypoallergenic properties or allergic reaction, do not use contained wipes, which may contain allergens.

      Peel apart the strips

      Apply & rub the strip on skin

      Pull close to the skin in opposite direction of hair growth

      Clean any wax residue with Veet Perfect Finish Wipe

      Veet Pure